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Henry S. Woods, III has joined his academic credentials, maritime industry experience, sea/naval service, and university teaching tenure into a rare combination of maritime safety expertise and human factors expertise.

Since 1987, he has provided his expertise to admiralty interests, risk managers, insurers, vessel owners/operators, the offshore industry, marinas, marine terminals, cargo shippers/exporters, cargo loss and damage interests, and attorneys across the United States and abroad.

Henry S. Woods, IIIHaving been trained by the U.S. Navy as a Judge Advocate General (JAG) casualty investigator, he has served as an expert for plaintiff and defense counsel in numerous major maritime accidents. These include collisions, groundings, fires, capsizings, maritime hunting accidents, shipyard accidents, bridge allisions, and bridge construction barge accidents. Many of these accidents resulted in fatal injuries to one or more persons.

His maritime safety and human factors work includes accidents involving small boats, towed inflatable devices, personal watercraft (jet skis), tankships, chemical barges, diving vessels, passenger ships, cargo ships, dredges, marinas, aids to navigation, cargo containers, drillships, dredge pipelines, and offshore oil rigs/platforms.

For his work in advancing the field of maritime human factors, Mr. Woods was elected to the University of Southern California Institute of Safety and Systems Management (ISSM) Triumvirate.

Henry S. Woods, IIIIn recognition of his maritime safety expertise, Mr. Woods has been called upon by major news/media stations (Fox News, CNN, CNN London) to provide, in live interviews, operational safety and other opinions in two international maritime disasters that involved heavy loss of life.

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